We are looking for a Chief Operating Officer in Vaasa to manage the daily business of Finland’s largest floating sauna and restaurant experience as well as two other restaurants! You will be responsible for Sauna restaurant Meri, one of Finland’s largest sauna and restaurant entireties, as well as the existing Inner Harbor Terrace (www.sisasatamanterassi.fi) and
Finland’s most famous Michelin chef Hans Välimäki has played a significant role in the project and is the master behind the restaurant The new restaurant also includes a bar and open-air service with over 600 seats “The floating restaurant is already an experience in itself, but for those in search of a culinary treat, Restaurant
The Meri sauna restaurant houses a sauna and a spa, but also a world-class Nordic and seasonal restaurant run by renowned Finnish Michelin chef Hans Välimäki. In the late summer of 2022, a large sauna and restaurant complex with almost 1,000 seats will open in the Inner Harbor in Vaasa, just a stone’s throw from